Congratulation and thanks for your purchase and your trustin

:We Guarantee the Products under following conditions

  1. The range of this guarantee is related to manufacturing defects of product and free repair is done by Hajir Sanat Company and by the .authorized service representatives
  2. Technical defects due to mechanical shocks, water, fire, or any use contrary to the instruction, doesn’t include guarantees, it is recognized .by experts of the company
  3. Guarantee included repair wages and replaced parts, and it doesn’t .include the transportation cost
  4. .This guarantee without hologram is not valid
  5. .If guarantee label is damaged, the device comes out of guarantee
  6. .Building wiring and its problems are not covered guarantee
  7. If device is not installed more than 6 months and remains in the ware .house’it won’t include guarantee
  8. If the device is repaired by unauthorized people, the device comes out .of guarantee
  9. .This guarantee is limited and non-transferable
  10. .Maintaining a Guarantee Card is the buyer’s responsibility

We Warranty the batteries under following conditions:

  1. The best battery temperature is 20 degrees, used which shall be kept and.
  2. Keep the battery in dry place and far from direct sunlight.
  3. Before installing and replacing batteries check the connect operation of charger in terms of current and voltage.
  4. Due to fragility of the battery case, case shall be taken during transportation. (Any battery fractures that result from careful handling are out of warranty)
  5. Battery shouldn’t be stored for more than 6 month.
  6. Batteries with less than 8 volts due to inappropriate maintenance, batteries are out of warranty.
  7. Incorrect connection excludes warranty.

To make the best use of the batteries, please consider the below diagrams:

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